23 6 / 2012

hour-long episodes of side by side with susan blackwell

performances from any and every play and musical, whether they’re still open or not

we see each other plain: a serious discussion show where people argue about the tony awards and smash etc

live and surprised: randomers like johnny gallagher and lin-manuel miranda turn up for a quick live jam session

u can’t ignore me: a show about broadway impact hosted by gavin creel and rory o’malley

broadway revisited: if its the anniversary of the opening or closing of a show, the OBC (or revival cast if the OBC are old and/or dead) of that show come on and perform

the fifty shades of gay: an informal theatre gossip show interspersed with awesome original songs and lighthearted interviews, hosted by neil patrick harris

some kind of cooking show where broadway people cook and kristin chenoweth eats everything

the real housewives of broadway: needs no description

of course I can time travel: starring blake bashoff

broadway fight club: I’m not allowed to talk about it. although I will say that it involves Jeremy Jordan and Aaron Tveit. and shirtlessness is mandatory.

I like bananas on my waffles: starring kyle riabko and jennifer damiano

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